"Server" Build: Will it work

This is my "server". I put quotes around that because it is actually a decent PC but I plan to run a minecraft server from it, probably a bukkit server. Will this be enough to support a few hundred people? Also, I have a connection speed of 2.7 MB/s down and .5-1.5 MB/s up, anything I need to be wary of or up/downgrade? Is my internet connection strong enough or should I amp is up (suggestions for amping it up to please)? BTW There are four of the RAM sticks listed below and 2 of the HDD's listed below. The total price is ~890 USD
Also, I will try to run Linux because well, its free! Ive heard things like Linux mint and such but that goes in one ear and out the others, could someone explain how to fins a copy of linux please as well! Also, is the minecraft server compatible with Linux?

For server build;

Why would You want to have APU? Get 8-12core cpu. Some cheap gpu like 720gtx or radeon240. Cheaper = better.

Beyond that it doesn't look like server build.

I will look into changing it to a CPU and a cheap GPU, but what else would make it more worth of the title "sever".

  • Mobo:ASRock Mini ITX   E3C226D2I  $230
  • Case: Fractal Design Node 304 $90
  • CPU: Intel i3 4130t $120
  • Ram:Kingston 8gb 1600Mhz ECC Ram $90
  • Storage:3x 2TB WD Red Drives Raid Z $280
  • PSU: Corsair CX430  $40
  • Was like $850 Total

I thought that an APU wasn't supposed to be used with a server as well as more cores=better, could you please explain what exactly to look for in a gaming server. Im so confused right now.

Well, if you want to run "just" a minecraft server don't buy new Hardware. The thing that will be be the hardest hurdle to jump will be your upload speed. So go on ebay, and look for a used 1U Server ( for example a Dell Poweredge R200 - pick one with a Xeon ) I run a " old " server myself, its great! You get things that are really good ( like two Gbit NICs with teaming ) for basically a bucket of nothing. Also if you want  a calculator to look how much your server / internet-connection can handle use this:


Keep in mind! Servers are loud and have different "cases"

If you need some help on the " buy old servers thing" pm me.

Wow thanks! Thats a pretty sweet site there and I'll look into the ebay server thing. I still would like to know what exactly to look for in a gaming server though. I have some, ill say "connections" with places like TWC that i might be able to use a wide open port for the server but that is to be discussed at a later date. Mainly what hardware should be used or looked for when building a server. I really want to do this but if its something that would require, let put it at more than 5k USD, then I dont think I will invest, otherwise building will still be in my sights!

+1 on the buy used server , just put it in your basement .


But you have snail internet , you will probably only get ~5 ppl on at the same time ...

I have 60/5 and I can host 30 people according to the site , but with minor lag ( and 16 gb of ram ) I was playing 24v24 ( 48 total ) games hosted here .

For server build you do not need gpu at all. All you need is ram power, and cpu/core power. Then hdd should be in raid depending on what you need it for.

yes all xeons 771 do the job.

I think I might look into buying a bare bones type used server but buying RAM myself and processor upgrade depending too. Im just kinda lost when it comes to servers and honestly have no clue what raid is really.

Okay, for Minecraft you want to look for theese things:

 - CPU should be a multicore, so 4 or more cores with a good baseclock, 2+ Ghz is a nice spot

 - RAM this is the bread an butter of your Minecraft Server get as much as possible!

 - Hard-Drives, one SSD with 120 GB for your current map and a 1TB NAS drive like a WD red for Backups.

 - NICs, Two NICs for teaming are a nice feature, also IPMI is nice too. Most important is WOL ( for me )!

 - Your ISP this is fairly important ( assuming your friends don't come over every time to play MC ) if you can
   get two connections and a load-balancer ( there are some cheap Netgears )  it can add some redundancy
   gut wont give you a better upload, so look for a good upload speed, then for a redundant setup. Download isn't
   that important Upload is EVERYTHING!

 - OS, it's your choice, I run WIndows Server 2012 R2 and i can Host 100 People on my LOCAL LAN (no Mods)

Honestly I don't use RAID in my Home-Sever, I keep my weekly backups, but RAID isn't a thing ( my opinion ) for a Minecraft-Server. Also RAID Controllers are expensive ( even used ones ). Just for info....

My Home-Server got the exact specs like this ( no SAS, I use a 125 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD )


Wow thanks a bunch! I understood most all of that except the part about NIC and IPMI, what exactly is that? (I will ask any question no matter how stupid it makes me look/feel lol)

NIC  = Network Interface Card ( plug your LAN in there )

IPMI =  Intelligent Platform Management Interface

Wendell made a great VIDEO about the IPMI

A IPMI isn't that important, but a nice feature, dont spend that much on it to get it.

For a Minecraft server, go with an Intel CPU because Minecraft is single threaded (soon to be slightly multi threaded) so it'll perform much better with Intel. If you can, go with an i5. If you can't afford that, get a Pentium since hyper threading will make a Minecraft server lose performance (along with other types of servers).


A Minecraft server does work on Linux. I got a 5+ people server working on a netbook with 1GB of ram and a single core using Lubuntu (uses about 100MB of ram on idle). 


You should probably spend less money on the case and spend more to get 16GB of ram. 


Your internet speed will not handle very many people. 


Use Spigot to host the server. Its basically bukkit except it uses more RAM than vanilla Minecraft, but will use less CPU power than vanilla. 


Don't forget to get a good firewall and to have a second HDD for backups! 

my current server is an old poweredge 2900 tower. got it when i graduated high school. did some small upgrades to it like went from 4GB of ram to 24GB of ram. but yeah definately cheap to run these old servers that are out of the enterprise arena for tasks like this.


For OS I would recommend CentOS as its much better than Ubuntu or any of the crap for kids out there. Much more stable...

Also If you do not feel comfortable with Linux, you should stick with Windows; Windows 2012 Server is ugly (because of win 8 metro look) but it does eat less resources and is more stable.


For hardware =

Mobo http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1311.R5.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.X771.TRS0&_nkw=771+motherboard&_sacat=0

CPU http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=771+motherboard&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR4.TRC1.A0.H0.X771+cpu.TRS0&_nkw=771+cpu&_sacat=0


Also get 650+ Gold 80+ or better it will help with electricity bills in long run.

Raid controller card (cheap) for 771


 Only big problem with socket 771 is cooling - best to modify h70 and mount it there.

Why not skip the PC and just go for a server grade router.  They tend to work the best for everything server related, plus its low power consumption and if you look for something with a xeon processor it will work well.  Then just buy a hdd bay and buy 2 nas drives and run them in raid 1 and you're all set.  

The cool thing about server grade routers is that you can load up an OS and then install the server software you want to run, so for Minecraft it pretty cool, they have a whole wiki to set up server for other OS's so you can install a linux based server OS and there ya go.  Another added bonus is that you can even run your own website, xmbc if you want to stream movies, and things of those sorts.

That sounds cool, I'll check it out soon. Thanks.

this is what my server does right now. MC server, owncloud server, apache web server, database server, it has a lot of tasks but works well and hasnt killed over. granted it needed some new HDDs but the thing was built in '05 and the last original HDD was replaced like four months ago. not complaining there at all.