Server build for AI workloads

having tried various things, waterblocks for tr4(threadripper) seem like they would would pretty well on sp3(epyc). but i haven’t actually tried that

The motherboard requires ECC ram.

Do you have an SSD or hard drive?

Well, I did not know that. Could you please clarify why do you think that?

it requires registered ecc ddr4.
on the left is a picture of the motherboard. on the right it says “key features”.
#2 says “2TB Registered ECC DDR4 3200MHz SDRAM in 8 DIMMs”

I have lost 1.5 years of work in my professional career due to a lack of ECC. I will go far out of my way to get it on my personal systems.

okay, well thanks for notice. I will buy then 8x16gb I guess. Can you suggest me some air coolers for my desktop case that would do well on cooling those server components, or is the water cooling the best option over there?

You have to get coolers made for the sp3 socket. Desktop chips have a much smaller area, so those coolers will not work at all.

There is just so many bloody details around building all that. I will RMA bought parts and go with some pre made solution after all.