Server Build - $500


I am looking to build a computer for a game/home server. My budget is $500.00 and I already have Server Licensing. I've looked into AMD builds but I think Intel has better performance. I've tried to peace together some parts but I always go overbudget. This server needs to be on 24/7 so hardware failure is not an option.

Thanks for your input.


2013-06-26 - 10:49:21


Ok i built this i didn't know if you needed a graphics card or not but the built in graphics i though would be good fro a home server. Plus this is a small from factor so you can store it where ever.


Here under budget sorry i though the budget was $600 but here is a $500 version

Thanks laneo5!

I think I'll go with the 1st one. I'm willing to spend the extra money and get a better looking case for it.