Serious computer posting problem

So, My computer didn't post this morning. I've been troubleshooting and this is what I've come up with. I've completely replaced the motherboard and the cpu and the gpu and the ram. The only thing I have not replaced was the hard drive. And even then it would post without the hard drive. (I've even replaced hdmi cables and monitors) This is extremely weird and help would be much appreciated.

(Specs on my profile)

UPDATE: It only boots when it's standing on its side. Could this be a seating issue?

Maybe try disconnecting the hard drive completely? because like you said it should still post this is a bit strange

I've done that. And UPDATE: It boots up windows and everything when it's not touching any surface but my hands. odd.

since you have changed everything - double check that there are sufficient motherboard standoffs between the mobo and the case (though you would be having other serious issues if this was a fault) - just for the sake of being thorough.

Next since you have mentioned it only has issues when its not touching any surface other than your hands I assume it must be either a) resting on your lap or b) on the floor.

What does the computer normally sit on?

Also when you are powering on the system when it cannot post - are the component LEDs still lighting up correctly? l(little lights on MOBO, GPU etc)

After answering these questions and looking at your parts check thoroughly that there are no breaks in your cabling or any exposed wiring or cuts in external sheaths of the cords which are exposing their inner cores.

Get back to us after this :)

So, I've been checking this all on the motherboard box since I thought it was a shorting issue too.

As mentioned above, It's on a box.

It normally sits in my case, but it seems to only work in my hands.

Everything is getting power, all of the fans and stuff are working and the lights are flashing.

Ok since it runs fine removed from the case - carefully check the case wiring (the cables for the front ports etc)

Check for no breaks in the cables etc as I mentioned in my previous reply.

I am sure you have checked your memory and GPU etc are seated properly, but for the sake of being thorough I would unseat/reseat all of them again.

Let me know how you go from there :)

Okay, so the computer boots up after several tries when the gpu is in the second pci slot. This is good, but now I half to maybe fix that, and I'm worried it won't work when I put everything back into my case.

When rebuilding the PC back into the case - just be extra careful about how the cables are managed.

Ensure that they aren't causing too much tension on the sockets and again checking the integrity of the cables.

Because this is an issue that is intermittent that fault probably isn't component based but rather an issue within the connections.

Your guess with the seating of the GPU could be on the money, what model of GPU is it and what it the model of your MOBO?

It's a gtx 760

and the mobo is a z97 pro4

ok So the Mobo is an Asrock Z97 Pro 4 correct?

can you tell me the manufacturer/style of the gtx 760? for example is it an Asus Top gtx760? or something else?

Did the case wiring all look ok?

Get the data on another disc as soon as possible mate! A terabyte costs $50 but rebuilding and redoing everything on it will cost you a lot more. In the worst case scenario you have 2 working harddrives.

Sorry for the late reply, It's a twin frozer msi 760, All of the case wiring is okay I'm about 90% shure it's shorting out of a standoff. I don't know for shure. The pc has been running out of the case for awhile now since It simply wont work inside it.

Late reply? try a month haha

I would try add a non conductive spacer between your mobo standoffs and mobo to eliminate that as a cause.

A separate note - does your case have a fan controller and/or multiple fans running from it? make sure your PSU can handle the extra power used by the case itself (really shouldn't be a proble, but best to double check)