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Serious bugs with gnome 3.32.0 + wayland



I just switched from ubuntu 18.10 to 19.04 and hoped that bugs that I list bellow will be gone. But quess what, they don’t.

I have two similar R9 Nanos attached to my computer but just ONE monitor. I want to use both in some GPU based calculations.

Bug 1:

If I power on my computer when monitor is OFF there will be huge lags on desktop. Also power usage in normal use with both card is significantly increased. Something like >50 W in normal browsing (normal case about 10 W). Maybe there is some kind of memory copying over pcie?

I have set primary GPU to PCIe port where is the gpu with monitor attached.

Bug 2:

Automatic power off is not working at all. Monitor goes black and shows only cursor with monitor back lights.

How I can set the wayland to use only one GPU to desktop usage?



I am not having any issues with gnome and wayland but I am running Debian SID and ArchLinux. I only have a single RadeonHD 7790.

Bug2: I don’t think that this can be set in wayland yet.

Bug1: What are you using to do your GPU workloads, ROCm? OpenCL? What driver stack are you using, AMD Proprietary? Open Source?

do you get this issue after running workloads or on a fresh reboot?