Sent an e-mail about The Witcher 3 on Linux to CDPR

So I sent an e-mail to CDPR about The Witcher 3 on Linux, that they are planning to release it for Linux, but they said that they don't know the exact release date. I know that some people have seen the posts on reddit about it, but I thought I should share it as well, for my fellow gamers on Linux.


Thats really good. I just hope that it will be a better port than Wicther 2. I has some serious issues in optimization.

Which distro were you running?

It ran almost flawlessly for me. There were some bumps on the road, but given that the technology used was pretty new that was to be expected.

I have not tried since it came out on steam. It was Mint I believe. It was fully playable but the frame rate drops here and there were abysmal at times which for a 3-4 year old game at the time are unacceptable in my book. I heard most had the same issues back then.

on gog there were few updates for linux support; even now recently (about 4months ago or so) steam is most likely using old distro.

It will most definitely release on Linux, maybe a few months after the initial release. This is CD Projekt, they are big fans of open source and stuff.