SenseMI -- What does it do for you on the new Ryzen 2000 cpus? | Level One Techs

and what does it have to do with overclocking? how is overclocking different on these cpus?

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Coming from the Heavy Machinery architectures, this is very different. Thanks for the quick insight. I am planning on going to Ryzen later this year when hopefully RAM is cheaper and I can get a decent GPU. Hopefully they release a 2800x by then.

Greetings Mr. Wendell,

I really enjoy your Level 1 Tech Channel content. There are indeed interesting articles!
It would be really great to see a video regarding the circumstances around
Ryzen memory compatibility. But please dive in more deeply !
There are countless videos on Youtube about guys achieving different RAM timings.
But you managed to wake my interest, by mentioning that lower clocks at tighter
timings also can do the Job very well.
Furthermore, if that’s correct one could finally occupy all four RAM-Slots and benefit from Ryzen 2xxx reduced latency at 2933 [ Which is awwwesome - ].
Im sure you are aware of the RAM-slot Problem,
-[ or is it ryzens memory controller? o_O ] occupying all four RAM-Slots resulting in far lower maximum RAM-Frequency.

I think we both agree if i say, that there is a certain “Ryzen-Formula” which leads to unleashing the full potential of this cpu. Working with the Sense-MI feature instead of hammering down an negligible all core boost is the way to go.

You maybe want to watch “der 8auers” take on the crosshair VII Video.

He also pointed out the latitude which the “performance enhancer” gives you by adjusting the powerlimit of XFR. I’m really interested in your opinion on that case.

Best Regards Mike