Sending (desired) newsletter vs marketing

If a company sends out a newsletter that is desirable and part of a paid service, in contrast to just e-mail marketing what are the differences in software or provider one would use to send these?

From a design standpoint the e-mails will look similar so the layout features are the same but fast delivery and not getting caught up as promotions or spam is also important, albeit recipients can usually train their provider to better classify such email.

My thought is that using something like Mailchimp will pass the spam filter but likely classify as marketing and land outside the main inbox of the user (in systems that implement this).

Would running something like phplist in-house be a better idea?

The volume is a few thousand e-mails per month.

I use MailGun. Cheap, reliable, easy to use.

Then on the application side I just make sure to note down the user subscription preferences. If they opted out of marketing emails, simply don’t send them marketing emails. Its that easy.

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