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Send-key into looking-glass vm?

Does the Looking Glass spice interface support send-key from the host into the vm?

I’m trying to automate hitting scroll-lock to capture the mouse by using ‘virsh send-key (vm-name) 71’ but not having much luck.

The Scroll Lock keybind is not a SPICE keybind, it’s part of the LG client. so no.

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As @gnif mentioned the Scroll-Lock function is captured by the LG Client application. As this is a X11 application, you can send it keyboard events like any other application. To demonstrate, install “xdotool” on your Linux system then run:

xdotool search --name 'Looking Glass \(client\)' key Scroll_Lock

This should toggle the scroll-lock function in the LG client.


This works well. Thanks.