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Semi Truck Rig


some high end ones do but most do not. as it would become easy to steal a semi by attaching a few wires drain the battery wait for it to start open doors and off you go.



Negative. I get an alarm but that’s it. If we had some APUs (auxiliary power units) that were all electric then it would have something that watches voltages and auto starts to recharge them.



This right here. Especially with new ones being automatic transmissions. Mine is old school still, gotta shift the sucker.

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automatic transmissions in semi’s is some what new to the past 5-10 years. some were to be had before this but they were garbage and had many many problems with heavy loads and mountain passes.



They are catching rapidly now though. Very rapidly. But my company believes in the manual so until manufacturer quits offering it I’m sure that’s what we will drive.

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manual>auto for long distance driving keeps me more alert( many 14+ hr road trips have proved this point)

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I daily a manual. If I was going to start driving professionally I would definitely want an auto. screw 13+ gears with a stick that moves a 3 miles between changes.



Shit in 3 miles I’ve gone through all the gears :laughing: 1st gear is good to about 4mph. And you got that pretty quick once the turbo kicks



I meant to exaggerate the distance the stick itself moves.



Well that went right over my head then. Yeah it’s a good distance. I don’t mind it much. I’ve just gotten used to it at this point though.



Well added one of these fans on the GPU side to help pull on fresh air.

[Noctua Fan](

And am happy to report a good drop in load temps. Down 5-8C

So if you plan to do a build in the Node 202 I STRONGLY recommend putting at least a fan on the GPU side.



years ago thats what i ran on the truck for gps and you pretty muchname it… i used to own several forums and had to moderate tehm back in the day i had to utulize several usb modems from different carriers to maintain my connection… today when i do drive i just use my phone for entertainment because it can be mirrored to a tv, a tablet for my gps that has hotspot and a surface pro for doing everything else… i dont game much on the truck because i dont have time and am very tired when its time to hit the rack. but i do game heavily on the weekends… and i use the same modem for gaming since i live on a ranch out here in the stix of oklahoma… i still use atnt. right now at home i use an atnt lackhawk modem with an external antenna plugged into a asus router and it is great for out here where i live and sometimes better than the wired service in town… as i have a office there for my multiple businesses. hands down although not the fastest but the best coverage for me is atnt… its unlimited as well due to the satelite that my family pays for at home… i use about 250 to 300 gigs a month in data…



power supply hum is due to the inverter being a modified sine wave get a true sinewave inverter rated for double the wattage of the power supply and you will be good to go… the cheap truck stop power supplies are attrocious as far as their power quality… ground loops arent likely in the inverters due to ther isolated legs on the outpput side both legs put out 60 volts ac and arent like typical household power… it puts a massive strain on the power supply in the computer. because one leg of the power supply is designed as a neutral not a hot side the filtering caps in the power supply are prolly going crazy and the input voltage of the power supply is prolly less than 9 volts true due to the diodes ont eh neutral side of the power supply trying to filter out some of the + side of the sine wave being passed straight to ground. just some tips from someone thats been there be safe keep it ruber side down shiny side up and keep your cb on…



this is pretty similar to me. theres some days i will play a couple hours. and then i will go a week without touching it.

yeah some online research led me to learn there is such a difference. i didnt really know that. i looked into pure sine wave ones and for the wattage i would need it is somewhat cost prohibitive. not because the computer itself pulls a lot of wattage, but the microwave uses 1KW when running.

found this out. but it works. maybe the next one can be a better unit.

thats a lot of pretty detailed info on how inverters work.

always do my best. i see a lot of trucks resting in their natural slumber here in Wyoming across 80. especially come winter time. and the cb is one of first things turned on in the morning. and last one turned off at night. that i know has a ground loop on the speaker. it makes that annoying *** whine that changes pitch based on engine RPMs.



Heard about 80 being closed out west

Ranger 2970 downstairs as a paperweight

Had an alternator die, asked the road service guy, “How many watts is that?”…“85 watts”

Told my boss one day: “Driving is my career, this is just a job” :slight_smile:



Out here 80 will close just because of the wind it gets so bad.



you likely need a power conditioner. the APU for your sleeper is likely providing some nasty power.



No doubt. And I’m beginning to worry that the buzz it causes in the PSU is getting worse



what psu?



The one inside the computer tower. It makes a buzz when running. And I think the buzz is getting louder. It sounded worse yesterday.