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Semi Truck Rig


Haha well I just might have to look into a bit more and see.

I’ve also thought about trying to find a good external antenna for the jet pack to increase its signal strength. Which is usually good. But some remote areas…suffer a bit



I think at the least running a high gain antenna out of the cab would make for a better experience for you be it for the wireless or for the cell.



I come from creative truckers and farmers. mlMy dad would appreciate this.



For sure! It’s something I will have to look into a little further



Well send him the link on over to check out the thread! I’m glad it’s been working so well. And as a plus I can drop the ambient air temp fairly quickly to help drop load temps.

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Also just thanks for the cool thread. No one posts these projects anymore.



Yeah a lot of builds are so much the same. Like I said earlier when I get the isolator done I’lladd more to this thread about that whole process because it’s part of the build to solve a problem that arose



I have a retarded idea

Where do you normally drive? Hot climate? Cold?



Both :laughing: right now I am running from Salt Lake City UT to Atlanta GA every week. I’ve thought about cutting a hole in my wall to open the window behind it for outside air. In the winter this would be awesome but come summer the outside ambient down south is insanely hot



juses fuck I want your job now ;-;

fuckin just drive in a straight line, play quake every night.

But my idea is standard aremis engineering. Could you run ventalation to and from the machine? So say you have a dryer vent running to a box that connects to the top, and the exhaust at the bottom. Or, is there away to safely mount it almost outside?



I mean if you figured out the piping/routing yeah it’s lossible. Looking at the wall I could see how it could work out if you basically had a fan in or blower motor doing it. The practicality might be on the tougher side.

As for wanting my job…some days it’s great and others it’s the loneliest thing ever. Just make sure you get sleep haha 11 hours of driving takes its toll on you

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idkounds perfect to me hahaha



I can’t imagine driving 10+ hours every day. One big road trip every few years is enough for me. I don’t even like driving ~4 hours to my mom’s house.

Could this be done behind the wind faring on top of the cab?

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Possibly but they make weatherproof ones you could just attach near the CB stuff…



Less fun. Was thinking more about reducing overall drag than weather though. And reducing chances of detachment, but then again I’m no wind engineer.



The ones I saw online seemed fairly short and 65mph aint too bad. I’m not sure what material the tops are made of.



I drive a long nose Pete 389. Fuel efficiency isn’t exactly out strongest point. But you are right about putting it behind the wind fairing. It would be fairly safe there from all the elements.

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I run around at 68 mph. But coming across the great state of Wyoming some head winds will exceed 50mph. And if my understanding is correct that essentially adds up to be over 100 mph hitting the front of the truck



I have to ask… Have you ever played american truck simulator while in your truck? :thinking:



No I have not. I have a copy of it though. And before I got my CDL I did go in to help my understanding of controlling a trailer in reverse.

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