Semi passive mode on gpu?

so i bought a new gpu, it being a r9 380 club 3d 4GB and i was very happy so far with the purchase. But there is no semi-passive mode(fans being turned off when idling) enabled in this gpu :(, i was wondering if anyone knew on how to enable this mode, by any means?

You can set up a fan curve in MSI after burner or Sapphire TriXX and have the fan be set to 0 percent speed up until 65 degrees C or 50C what ever you are comfortable. Honestly the R9 290/390 is a very warm chip so it might be hard to keep it passively cooled.

so firstly im not running Hawaii or Grenada , im running a r9 380 which is a 285, which is a very cool and power efficient chip. secondly ive tried afterburner before even posting here, even when set to zero, all tough very quite they are still spinning . :(

That is odd, I know that I was able to run my GPU with fans completely off until a point. Let me see if I can set up the curve myself. It could just be the BIOS on the GPU not allowing it to Zero out the fans.

yes, thats correct the bios on the card is doing it :( . i was thinking about flashing a custom or other manufactures bios, but im very inexperienced and very scared about bricking it!

Yeah, I don't know very much about BIOS flashing either. I know my R9 270 from MSI used to be able to turn both fans off when I adjusted the curve but not my R9 290 Vapor-X.