Semi-modular psu won't turn on with peripherals attached [solved]

I got an EVGA NEX750B semi-modular psu today, secondhand. It was absolutely immaculate and the seller reported he'd had it a year and never had problems with it. I tested it out on a secondary system and everything seemed fine, so i put it into my primary.

I'm using only one modular cable, for my hard drives. When i power on, the PSU spins once and then shuts off. Unplugging the hard drives allows it to turn on normally. I know the cable is good; it works perfectly with another PSU. I've also tried a different cable, and plugging into alternate ports on the PSU, with the same result.

Any insights or suggestions, before I call the guy back?

Anyone know, off the top of their head, if EVGA will honor the warranty without a receipt?

Thanks, guys!

have you tried shorting the ATX cable to see if it is a problem with the motherboard?

Short the green wire to a black wire

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Maybe an issue with one of the drives?

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mobo and all drives work just fine with the preexisting PSU (in fact, I put the original PSU back, because i have to do work this morning).

The new PSU works fine, too, so long as only the built-in cables are attached to anything. Modular cables can be plugged into the PSU so long as they're not attached to any peripherals.

So are the peripherals not working with other things plugged in or just the peripherals.

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peripherals work with another PSU.

new PSU does not work when peripherals are connected.

^-- this is the best explanation as far as i can tell.

I've been researching; maybe he didn't give me the original cables…? I see mention that connectors for modular cables are not standardized. I looked at the user manual online but it doesn't show the arrangement. Anyone have this model, and willing to snap some pics?

Solved; the guy just gave me the wrong cables.

Thanks for the help/advice, everyone!

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Good news.
Then i´m gonne lock this topic and note it as solved.

Thank you for letting us know.