Selling/ Trading 10 Minecraft accounts non migrated

I currently have 10 minecraft accounts that I will either sell at 5 USD each or I will trade for a game on steam.

Any gift codes? or just accounts?

Just accounts but they are all working and some even have cool names lol


Thanks but no thanks, the reason I want a gift code is to have my own name.

i'm assuming these come with the game?

to trade i have: mirrors edge, eets munchies, brutal legend, bioshock 1, bioshock 2, or some origin codes if you don't mind origin

Yes, Will trade you the accounts for bioshock 2! Or 1 whichever you would prefer to let go!

hay i am interested in buying some accounts, 2-4 accounts if you have them. I assume you can switch over the email. so i can register them my self and use them as i see fit? 




I have a Farcry 3 Blood Dragon code I can trade for 2 accounts?

levon sorry no and BruceTo2 yes I would trade you 2 accounts.

What account names have you got?

do you use Steam or Twitter so we can get in touch?

Yes Bruce, my steam is alexweatherly1

So you can't change the email on the accounts?

That seems shady.

How did you acquire 10 accounts?

I am completely legit. You can ask the user I traded accounts to for Bioshock 2. Also I acquired these accounts from trading around games and such. 

Ok added you on Steam, when are you normally online?

If you want a Medal of Honor: Warfighter on steam then I'd trade you for that. I bought it for the name of the franchise but the MP wasn't for me so it's just been wallowing around. Or you could have ARMA 2 PMC expansion. Or Gary's mod, or the portal games (If anyone doesn't have them). Or Crysis 2 I can't really think of anything else you could want.


Do you have a Dues Ex Human Revolution key?

If you can't change the emails, then whats stopping you from taking them back?

Also, I do question the legitimacy of how you got 10 accounts, all with different emails.

Not accusing you of anything, just curious.