Selling Steam Account With 32 Games and DLC For Some For $80

I am selling my steam account that has 35 good games on it and some if not all DLC for a few of the games. The account's name is ChronicKnockBack. I am selling it for $80. Here are the games it has:

1. Arma 2

2. Arma 2: Operation Arrow Head

3. The Binding of Isaac

4. Bit.Trip.Runner

5. Borderlands

6. Borderlands 2 (With Most DLC)

7. Bulletstorm

8. Capsized

9. Counterstrike Source

10. Crysis Warhead

11. Crysis Wars

12. Cubemen

13. Defcon

14. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

15. Dungeon Defenders

16. Garry's Mod

17. Just Cause 2 (With All DLC)

18. Killing Floor

19. Krater

20. Left 4 Dead 2

21. Magica (With All DLC)

22. PayDay: The Heist

23. Portal

24. Portal 2

25. Q.U.B.E

26. Rock Of Ages

27. Saints Row The Third (With Most DLC)

28. Section 8 Prejudice (With Most DLC)

29. Super Meat Boy

30. Terraria

31. Splinter Cell Conviction

32. Transcripted

If interested email me at [email protected] P.S I would like to do this transaction VIA Paypal just because its the most secure thing I know.

Id love to buy it for $80, but all I can offer is virtual hugs.

Can one safely trade/sell a steam account? If caught are there any ramifications I am just wandering if I can sell mine. 

Just as a caution to any potential buyers, make sure you get sufficient information so that you can use the account properly. As in, get the proper e-mail addresses, and notification systems. Since steam uses security codes to grant access to different PCs and during log-in.

Also, for the seller, I know its common sense, but make sure you remove all your personal info from the account before selling, and make sure you give the recipient the proper information to use the account without trouble. 

Buy and sell smart. Best of luck!