Selling RAM

Im selling 4GB of DDR2 ram. Its nice ram in perfect condition. Looking to get 25$ out of it. If you want to know more contact me on steam-middlemap. 

Here is the product-


I am not intrested in buying it, but doing 25 bucks out of it (without shipping) will get you faster to money.

I dont think anyone would pay 45 for ddr2 when you can get ddr3 for that same price, I'd pay like 15 bucks but I don't think I'd ever buy a standard thats dead.

there are people with older systems who want to upgrade, and ddr2 ram is generally more expensive.

Most DDR2 that is actually still in commercial use is slapped on HDD controller boards for Cache lol. Either that or archaic DDR2 based ECC equipped file storage servers that some companies still have in working order from 10 years ago.