Selling/parting out PC

I was reading the rules and there was nothing against linking to other websites so lets give this a go!

Click the link below to see prices and pictures!

Ive got an assortment of parts for sale and are also at reasonable prices, please check it or message me if you want to negotiate a price!

Amd FX 8350 $150

Kingston HyperX Genesis 4x2gb 2133mhz DDR3 $85

Asus Gtx 690 $675

Asus M5A99FX $120

Asus M5A97 Le Pro 2.0 $65

Cooler Master HAF 912 $40

Corsair H55 Cooler $40

Kentec 1050 Watt poer supply $30

Evga Gtx 560 Ti (Broken Fan blades) $100

Evga Gtx 560 Non-Ti $100

For the staff of Tek Syndicate, pictures of all these items are in my post of the other website.

What overclocks have you hit with the 8350?

How much do you want for the 690?

What voltage?

It was at like 1.425 or 1.450 or something very similar but they require a lot of extra voltage to keep them stable at higher speeds. Also generates a shit ton of heat so make sure you have an aftermarket cooler! ^_^

No thank you; if it were closer to 1.3V, I'd go for it, but unless it is a "golden" 8350, my 3770k is more than enough.

lol those things are so not energy efficient that the stock voltage is at1.35v and then when turbo is on it goes all the way up to 1.425v when it needs to.

I am most definitely not at stock voltage, and Turbo is the first thing I disable ;)

Oops sorry, I was talking about my 8350 and not your 3770. I think that at those voltages the 8350 is just using so much more power compared to a 3770 to hit the same speed. Also I dont like turbo either. Just if you ever run turbo it will jump up drastically to hit the speed it is set to go up to.

My phenom 965 just burned out ill give u $150 for the 8350

I'd  say it is worth closer to $135 shipped.

Sounds like a deal. Contact me by email for payment details. :D


it was omitted i cant see

I was looking at your profile, Ill PM you my information on youtube

Still got the PSU?


Will you be willing to take $90(shipped) for the Motherboard?

Sorry, that is a bit low and the m5a99fx runs at $150 retail

case ? 
for the price im interested