Selling Nvidia Free2Play Codes

Yeah everyone I ordered a GTX 650 Ti Boost as a present for my brothers birthday and no one I know plays any of the games that the codes are for.

I have the $25 codes for Hawken, PlanetSide 2, and World of Tanks

I would like to sell them for $20 each, leave a post if you want to buy one.  You can send the money through PayPal and I will email you the code.

I'd be interested in trading a steam game for a the PS2 goodies

Sounds good, I'll trade you the PS2 code for a copy of Fez, my steam username is MrPete1985 I have a picture of a turret from Portal as my avatar.

i want the WOT code! any other games on steam you want?


I still have all three code, if anyone wants to send me a copy of Fez on steam you can have one

I have these as well if anyone wants to trade something. I can do steam or random crap. For example, dvds, even ripped ones. 

do either of you have the codes still for PS2? I'd send you Fez for it