Selling my services! PC, ST PETE FL

Hey There! Im a young proffessional of building PCs and this is what will happen if we agree upon my services! We can set out a budget you can buy the parts off of amazon Newegg or tigerdirect any of which you prefer. I will build it for you for a service fee of 20 dollars OR BARTER WITH ME ! It truly is the best deal out there I can promise you that! My name Is Dalton Webb Contact me first through message on here and we will commence onward.  Include all warrantys from parts manufacturer and a 12 month warranty for this price! I build you just buy the parts.. Its that simple!

$90 is not the best deal; building it yourself is the cheapest. There aren't many people on here that will buy your services; try posting to Craigslist.

Yea, We're all builder here. You may have better luck elsewhere :D