Selling my custom-built PC

Hey guys,

I built a custom PC about a year ago.  It was my first build, and I learned a lot in doing so.  I also learned that what I built is not exactly what I am looking for at the current time.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place to sell a custom build?  Should I piece it out and sell it that way or should I sell it as an entire system?


8GB Crucial Ballistix 1866

Cooler Master Hyper 212+

AMD Phenom II X4 965BE overclocked to 4 Ghz

Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3

Seagate Barracude 1TB

Crucial M4 64GB

Rosewill 400 Watt PSU

EVGA Nvidia 550Ti

Rosewill R5 Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower

eBay, Craigslist - try to sell it for $350, see if anyone bites.

i'd sell it all seperately

If I were you I would not be saying that it is overclocked as it is known that overclocking can reduce the life of hardware.

thanks for promoting dishonesty and deception, just what this forum needs


do you see the Irony? I rather be honest in my answer unlike yourself. People dont like the truth apparently.

unlike me? wtf? it was sarcasm you dense fuck. you are advicing him to conceal information you shit head, that's encouraging dishonest behavior that's wrong period. 

you should thank yourself im not a mod as i would banhammer your ass for that

That's my opinion and suggestion. If you were to ban me as a mod, how would that be any different from hiding the truth? aha! You see? You aint much different. 

yout logic is fucked up. people that seek personal gain through stepping on others are the scurge of this race. that is what is different between your views and what is the truth. you aim to misdirect and decieve. through shunnig and being made an example of. tends to discourage such counter-intuitive behavior.

i use the Buy/Sale/Trade section. i do not want to be ripped off and neither should anyone else be for that matter. what you promote is not the values this community is built on. you should re-educate your view's for you own sake. you may find this funny but this is no laughing matter. you are trying to fuck with people for real, there are assets at stake and induviduals credibility. these are valuable thing's and losing them will affect a person in more way's than one. this is not 4chan, so dont treat this site like 4chan

Excuse me bro but when you buy something which is USED do you expect it to be NEW? I am not saying he should be saying something that it is not true, neither to make things better than they are. You dont go saying how much you overclocked it, how many times you took it for repair, how many times your cat jump on the box, what temperatures it reached, how many hours it has been used... If he was asked whether it is overclocked that would be a different matter. It is sufficient to say it is in good/bad/healthy/average condition. Any more than should be given on request.

this is why we cant have nice things

it's called full disclosure it's that simple, your point and perspective is inconsistent. it's obvious that when you buy something used you don't expect it to be new. i have bought and sold many things in my life, so i know what i am talking about. people like you should not be handing out advice on trading, your suggestions can and will leave people exposed to being exploited and extroted so no it is not sufficient to have such information handed out on request it should be discolsed when first advertised to maintain transparency to ensure the purchaser know's what they are buying into. concealing information is just as bad as lying as both theese actions are decietful and just as immoral as the other.

Both of you stop, I'm not blaming either of you but this is why some people are complaining about the teksyndicate community.

oh come on you want people to be screwed over? hey i know let's all just not care, cause that will be just fine right? No. this sort of thing will come back to bite the community in the ass big time. this should be nipped in the bud before it becomes an accepted practice. this sort of interaction is far more damaging to the comunity than a bit of bickering considering this can lead to people being harmed. a bit of bickering wont. you do not want this site to have a reputation for dodgey dealing.

Whether you like it or not, there is no such thing as "full disclosure" in the real world. There is always going to be something left out even for the brand new products. Of course this is not a reason to deceive people.

But as I said, in my opinion, it is sufficient to say the condition of the product and not go in detail. As you said, you traded many times, can you please link me to your offers to see how much details you have revealed in the products you sold? I am pretty sure, but I could be wrong, that you did not reveal anything other than the specs.

Since you are so honest, when you applied for job/education did you revealed that you like parties/playing games/ did some things that you shouldnt have done/your mistakes etc? Again I doubt that, even if I could be wrong. 

The reason I say this it is because people try to sell products/themselves by showing the good aspect and not the bad. Of course everyone wants to know everything for what they buy, and I wished the same when I bought things for my own but that is not how it works. 

whether i like it or not? the very term is a legal requirement in official trade national and international for that matter. also you want me to produce a list of everything i ever bought and sold 2nd hand? how about no. that's just not going to happen for starters most thing's iv sold have been offline. you know in the real world where there are people to interact with in person. And where i sell online i don't want anyone like you near it, im not poisoning the well.

as for applying for job's/education i have never broken the law, got into trouble i even have plenty of refrences to go along with my track record. as for my hobbies and interest's none of them revolve around partying. i have a girlfriend that i have been with for years and a life that has resposibilitys to fufill with aspirations to persue. as a matter of fact releveance goes a long way when it come's to work and education employers generally like to know thing's that pertain to the job like wether personal lifestyle well affect performance, punctuality and attendence same goes for education. my honesty is not in question anyway it's your's, my code of conduct is solid. is your's? 

in your world people arne't so honest, well to bad for you. in your world you may not know how to find an honest seller well to bad for you. in your world everything seem's to be black and white with no shades of grey once again to bad for you. but you have a choice, you can be decent perosn and do thing's properly or you can cut corners undermine people and see how far it get's you. iv chosen my path in life. admitidly im british im going to assume your american for now, but i know enough to say that our cultures are not alike at all and that you would'nt be trusted as far as you could be thrown from where i come from.

the reason im comming down so hard on you about this, is cause your the first iv seen to say anything like what you did here impaticular. i dont use many place's online selling and buying stuff but if i see anyone else handing out your sort of advice again here. i wont be using this site anymore for that.

Official international binding requirement for FULL disclosure? Please tell me 1, just 1. No offense but you probably have no idea about international obligations. The reason I asked the questions was not for you personally to answer, but since you did I will give you a response. 

Of course I wasnt expecting you to "disclose" me the information of your sold items as I kinda knew this would be your answer even if you could just admit that you disclose very limited information of the product.

You can argue as much as you want, but for sure you made mistakes, unless you are not a human( so you have bugs? ;p).Did you write those "bugs" in your application? Funny how people become "perfect" in order to make a point. And no, mistakes are not illegal. The reason I ask this question is for you to see that there is no full disclosure and nobody is 100% honest. And since you ask about my honesty. Well, I can tell you I am not a perfect man and yes sometimes I am honest, sometimes I am not.

Who said anything about black and white? You are probably "colour blind". And no, there are more choices than just "do thing's properly or you can cut corners undermine people". And what is properly? 

As for my nationality, what does THAT have to do with anything, but since you brought it up, I live in UK for the past 5 years and I havent been thrown.... 

The guy in the question asked what would be the best way for him to sell the product. I told him HONESTLY what I believed would be more wise for him to do. 

And my last point, I could have told him to donate it to a "good cause" even if he wanted to get some money. WOuld that be "honest"?




Go away for a few weeks and i come back to cancer.

OP, if you want to maximize profit, peice it out, if you want to get it out all at once i think someone suggested $350, that's a good price point if you want to liquidate, if you dont need the money right away you might be able to get $400 or possibly (unlikely) $450.

I'd sell to a friend and include "Oxy's IT service" package or whatever your equivalent is for an aditional $50.

your totaly missing the point here, as for your "perfection" remarks there is a difference between making mistakes and knowingly being a pain in the ass. but once again releveance or should i say lack of as all that you have talked about is oh i bet your not THAT honest and oh like your not so perfect and oh the world just does'nt work that way and oh i bet you don'nt what that really means blah blah blah. your merely redirecting the conversation from the subject and trying to pull off this whole ethics debate of the world or some shit. your fooling no one.

how about quit being a bitch it and think about what you are saying before handing out advice, you were wrong in what you said it's that simple. iv already told you why. so stop going out of your way to defend such a stupid statement and grow up.

I would be interested in everything except the PSU, GPU, and SSD. I am sending an email.