Selling My Computer. What's it Worth?

I'm unsure where to post this
Not including the SSD

Here's a part list. I live in Canada. The list doesn't include a PCI slot network card or the internal cd/dvd drive. How much would the GPU alone be worth? In your honest and humble opinions. No pictures but the build is neat, clean, quiet, and well kept.

650 in the US would be a fair price.

In canada, maybe 800

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@DerKrieger details pricing below.

Wat. $220 for a used GTX 650... No lol. No one will pay that. Unless they are a massive idiot.

I'm sure you could have phrased that better. How much would YOU pay for it?

No I phrased it just the way I wanted to.

Well on EBay a GTX 650 can be had for between $80-$100.

This one:
Is $80 shipped to your door. That is the buy it now price too. Yeah it has less VRAM but that doesn't matter because a 650 can't even take advantage of 2GB so they will perform the same.

And for $200 CAD you can get s brand new 270X. You'd be foolish to spend that much on a used 650

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I'm sorry the link led me to a build detailed with a GTX 770. My bad.

Please refrain yourself from insulting others for simple mistakes.

Thanks. :)

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Yes the original link I posted had a GTX 770. I tried to edit the SSD out of the list and somehow ended up deleting the entire thing. My bad...

Edit: Original link back up. Sorry for the confusion.

A) How would I know you made a mistake? I didn't see the first linknas it was corrected before I clicked it. We have had too many people spreading misinformation on this site as of late.


B) I wasn't insulting you just anyone who would pay that much. Sorry if it was so offensive.

It usually seems to get retail +/- 30% depending on how lucky you get.

Well let me introduce myself so you know I'm not here to spread misinformation;

Hi I'm Fouquin, I own nearly 100 GPUs and half as many CPUs from the last 30 years. I don't know everything but you can bet that if it is CPU or GPU related I can be damn-near spot on.

Now back on topic, and to amend the above [now edited] statement.

If it is a GTX 770: Between $170 - $220 depending on extras included.

If it is a GTX 650: Between $65 - $100 depending on extras included, and in this case whether it's a custom PCB card or not. (Those cards overclock above their tier to begin with, so a custom VRM strapped to it does make a difference in value, funny enough.)

That is simply for the, "How much would the GPU alone be worth?" question. I feel everyone else has been giving good ballpark estimates for the whole build.

As @tjjqvbsun said 650 USD is about right, you might be able to get a little over 700 USD if you make sure its spotless and has great cable management, not sure what that is Canadian these days but shouldn't be hard to find out. Also avoid EBay like the plague if you plan to sell it as a whole you'll lose 100+ dollars to shipping and fees plus system prices are much lower on eBay than they should be compared to the value of the individual parts. @Fouquin hit the nail on the head with graphics card price.