Selling laptop to build a PC

Hey guys,

I'm going to sell my Asus N61JQ (i7 720qm,8gb ram, HD5730) and will be using the money towards building a PC to run T.E.R.A online.

I'm hoping to get $300 to $400 for the laptop. My budget with that included would be about $450. My question is, can I build a PC on that budget that will run T.E.R.A faster then my i7/HD 5730?

A list of specs within that budget would be very appreciated!


Thanks in advance!!

I think for that laptop you may be able to squeze another $50-$75 out of it..Seems decent, and usually a decent laptop costs $600+


I think if you chose your parts well, then you can far outperform the laptop..Wait and see what some guys post, if it seems better than your laptop, no reason not to grab it.

This is what i came up with... But i'm not sure if it'll be worth upgrading to..

Any thoughts?