Selling hd 7850 for cheap!

I have this XFX Core edition video card, however i don't like it because it has that big ugly red strip on the side!

It's been used very lightly, for less than a month, and has never been overvolted.

So, I'll sell it for $125, however i'd rather trade cards. I'm looking for GTX 460's, GTX 465's, GTX 560's or whatever else you think is comparable. If you're fast enough ill throw in a USB sound card, please hurry and give me offers.

My reason is I'm doing A green themed build, and the red does just not match with the green and black, and I don't want to paint the card because then it will void the warranty. I'm happy to send pictures, video proving that the card works, whatever it takes, but the sooner the better.

If you want to know what the card looks like RIGHT now click on this link.

When could you ship?


Today, but i rather exchange cards to be honest. Have any cards without any red on them?

A. Would you trade for an EVGA GTX 480? I'm considering it.

B. What USB sound card?

I would DEFINITLEY trade for that, sorry for the late response. The sound card is a Turtle Beach Advance Micro II. Where do you live? I'm in Seattle, WA.

I'm all the way down in Hunstville, AL.


is it still up for grabs?