Selling Guitar, Amp, and Xbox 360

Hey guys, I'll get right to it. I've got a guitar, amp, and Xbox 360 for sale. I'm in Southern Indiana. Just so, if you're from Florida, Texas, or somewhere else (or from a different country all together) you know not to continue on. I will not be shipping these items. I will not accept a check, paypal, etc. Cash only, please. The money from this is going towards Christmas money (for a gaming rig for myself, and stuff for my fiancee and daughter.)

Onto the goods;

The guitar is a Jackson (I believe JS32) Rhandy Rhoads-styled Flying V. 24 Jumbo frets. Has a few little dings from previous owner. Nothing major. If you're considering buying, I'll take closeups of the dings for you.

The amp is a Crate XT120R w/ Footswitch. Not much to say about it. Three channels; Clean, Rhythm and Solo. They all work pretty nicely.

The Xbox 360 (I feel a lot of you cringing right now) is the Black Slim version, with a 250GB HDD in it. Comes with 2 Wireless controllers (battery-operated, not the charge-n-play kit) and 1 Wired controller. Also comes with Assassin's Creed 2.

I'm asking $250 for the Guitar and Amp as a combo. You'll also get my shoebox full of miscellaneous guitar stuff. That includes a fuck-ton of picks, a few cans of FingerEase, a Digitech DF-7, a Boss ME-30 (I think I still have that.), a 1-Spot 9v Adapter (with the Daisy cable) and a can of GHS Fast Frets. Also some misc. cables.

The guitar alone, I would like $200. You'll get the shoebox of wonder with it. The amp alone, I would like $120. These prices are much lower than any I've seen online (The amp goes for like $350 used) and the reason for that is because I love these things and I wouldn't want to treat them like they're some sort of piece of trash. The price is what I feel is a fair price. I'll even be honest with you; I paid $199.95 + tax for the Jackson. I still have the tag they had on it.

The Xbox, I would like to get $280 (or best offer; no lower than $250) for it. I bought it brand new about a year ago. I would offer you the original box but it got thrown out due to storage space in my closet. It's a small closet.

If you would like to purchase all 3 items, I'll take $500 even. And I would like to buy you a candy bar.

Those are my items, my prices, and the details on them. If you're interested, shoot me a PM. Or if you're a Ninja, just leave the cash for the item(s) you take in my sock drawer.




Amp: (The stuffed cat, which is likely a Hello Kitty knockoff, is my daughter's. Shadow and Silver Sonic are mine [not pictured])




Still for sale. Bumping on the feed.

Bump on feed. Nobody wants to buy this? I'm selling it for a good cause! Proceeds go to getting me a better GPU than a 6670. If I can sell this stuff I can afford a $800 PC vs my $350 build for Christmas!