Selling Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Absolution codes

Just bought a 7950, and it came with these 3 games, but I don't really need them as of right now because of all the other games I'm playing. I'd prefer not to trade them though, so paypal would be needed.

hey man, i know you said you wouldent trade but i have an assassins creed 3  code and ivce already played it through on console :/ this would really help me out if you could trade with one of the games because im a new gamer and dont have very many good games!

How much for Far Cry 3?

I'd like to get $30 for it, or however much you're willing to pay

I'd buy it for $20, Add me on steam so we can talk easier, coltster1, it was made like 5 years ago, don't laugh.


Did you already sell Far Cry 3?

Not yet, I'd like around $30, so I can't really accept colts offer I'm afraid

Dangit' I want that game, but I don't know how much is in my checking account atm. I could more than likely do 30 though..

Add me on steam if you still want to do it at 30.

I PMed you colt

How do I even get Pm's? Just add me on steam.

If you still selling the Far Cry 3 code just let me know. I have 30 bucks for ya.

i got dirt showdown code if interested to trade for one of them games? add me on steam (TJK1512)

ill trade u bioshock infinite