Selling Desktop Bundle

Hey Everyone. Happy New Years and what a wonderful start to 2015. It's so hot in Australia, I envy you guys in America with all that snow! :/

Anyway, I'm selling my Desktop Pc Unfortunately, to put the proceeds towards a new car. My Old one Broke down on me. I'm selling it in the Australian New South Wales Region, but I can also send it to America/USA, send me a message and maybe we can work out where you live etc. I trust pay-pal and that's probably the only method I accept. 

Specks, Pictures (with today's date) and Proof of my Username are included.

I've recently upgraded the PSU and Graphics Card, I can play BF4 Ultra 1920x1080, and Dragon Age Inquisition on high Spec 1920x1080. I'm also including a couple of Old School hit you right in the feels games.

Any Questions please don't hesitate to message me.  

PS, I can't sell individual parts, needs to go all together. 

For the Price, I'v spent $1000 alone on upgrading the parts, so I want to atleast get something that will help me find a a decent car.

Price- $2000 Australian Dollars (if you want to buy it and you live in America/ USA please convert currency if interested to see the price in your dollars)  

What is with the Bundle:

Main Desktop Hub

Acer HD 24inch 1920x1080 3D Monitor

Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse (Wired)

Razer Goliath Mouse Pad

Pair of Divoom High Quality Speakers

All necessary cables will be shipped, and I'll also throw in some extra DVI, HDMI Cables and a couple of old Electronic goodies. 

6 Total Games:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars  Knights of the Old Republic II

Arma 2 Combined Operations 

Fallout 3 GOTY

GTA San Andreas

Far Cry 2

PC Specs:

Sharkoon T28 Case With Green LED Fans (ALOT of space of Graphics Cards, HDD and SDDs, even more for Fans)

I7 3770 Cpu (with Stock cooler)

Acer Motherboard

GTX 660 Factory Overclocked

Corsair 660w PSU

2TB HDD (2000GB)


















































































































































 Thanks for Looking :) 


Honestly, I think your going to have to piece this thing out to sell it. Tech enthusiasts are more interested the parts rather than the whole. Not saying there aren't people out there that would buy it, but you will probably get more money if you sell them individually anyway.

Good Luck!

I agree. $1,600 USD is asking alot

if you part it out i would be interested in the 3770 if its a K part and maybe the ram