Selling Civilization 5 Key On Steam

Selling a  civilization 5 key that works only on steam, please list prices below accepted payments Bitcoin or Paypal.

Well, I hope that people know you can get this game, or Mafia 2, for free when you enter your info here and then you vote for the 31st Golden JoySticks Awards. You just have to wait 24 hours after you vote for the activation code to work.

Scumbag forumer trying to sell games he gets for free

There is no reason for name calling Smile. just let the guy be, if some one wants to buy it. thank you Pfannyyy for recommending the link.


We shouldent blantly allow someone to scam people.

I still haven't gotten my code yet, keeps saying I haven't done the survey or something even though I have.

Wait 24 hours.

Nevermind, just went back and did it again and it sent the link this time. Must have been overloaded the past few days.

You might have to explain to me exactly what you did. I completed the survey, and it indicated waiting 24 hours. But, if there is some way I can do it a second time to get the code now, I'd prefer that.

When I go to pick my game I get "opps, it seems there was a problem" after putting in my info

Just go back to your email, click the retrieve code then put the information again. It'll tell you to "slow down champ" then you'll get an email. Follow that email, it'll send one more, follow that one to get your code.

Thanks for replying.

I don't have that option, unfortunately. There's service errors now, due to high traffic. I've emailed GMG, so, I'm quite happy to wait for them to respond.

Edit: just a little FYI, everyone. The email response states that we are supposed to wait 24 hours before receiving a code.

Its not scamming dude....... If someone knows about it and they are too lazy to get the key they can buy it for cheaper. But I understand your point.

Selling a product that is free. I could only agree to this kind of sale after the game is no longer available for free

I just wanted to help people out, I wanted Civ 5 and I was gonna buy it from Logan's affiliates at DealZon but then I saw this online, just thought I might share it. That is exactly why I joined this community, to share the PC world with others. There is no need to cruicify this guy who is trying to sell a free game, it is not like he is hurting you.