Selling advice for a laptop

I’ve got a laptop which I want to sell. But I need some help and advice.
It is a Dell Inspiron 7559

  • Specs
  • Intel core i5 63000-HQ
  • Nvidia 960M graphics
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 256 M.2 SATA SSD (Solus OS pre-installed)
  • 1080p IPS screen


  1. I deleted Windows boot manager 'cause I needed to run Linux on it. But know that I want to sell it I need to reinstall Windows on it but the thing is that I don’t want to invest in any key (they are 110 bucks each). I do have the activation key it originally had, but, I think it is just an OEM key, if true, I can’t reuse it now that I deleted the Windows boot manager.


  1. I upgraded the laptop’s 8 GB of single channel RAM to 16 GB dual channel. Does this augments the price of it or should just sell it with 8 GB and sell the another stick of RAM separately? (RAM prices are way too high atm)
  2. Should I sell it with no OS, with OS, or no hard drive at all?

ive reinstall windows with the OEM key and had no problems. Idk if its exactly “legal” but it usually works and on occasion i had to do the automated call service where u give them a bunch of numbers and letters and then they give you a bunch to enter.

Q1.Id leave it in the system if you have no plans to reuse it, but if it were me id keep it. Ram is kinda expensive right now.
Q2. Id say its best to have the item in working order. Its alot easier to sell if people can see that it boots up and works, maybe even have furmark and prime95 to show it doesnt have any issues under load.

The fact that you removed boot manager has nothing to do with the KEY. You most probably also removed the recovery partition that usually all windows laptops have. But it only means that you need to download windows installation ISO on your own, from Microsoft. Dell might also have an re-installation option on their site with the usual bloatware/drivers for the specific laptop - there might be an option to order recovery USB/DVD.

Does this augments the price of it?

Yes. More RAm makes laptop more valuable.

sell it with 8 GB and sell the another stick of RAM separately?

Not everyone need to have a laptop with more than 8GB, yet if you find buyer that will welcome 16GB - you will sell everything in one transaction - so maybe be elastic about that.

Should I sell it with no OS, with OS, or no hard drive at all?

It sounds that laptop includes license for Windows - old windows have a sticker that usually goes on the bottom (it maybe changed with windows 10). And there is no way that you can use this key on other equipment.

Selling laptop with no OS installed makes it values lower even if license (the key) is pon the bottom. Because non-technical user might have problem with installing it from zero.
Not including HDD makes also lower.

I personally would install he Windows (try the support site first), if not then download ISO from MS (at least windows 10 should be available). Just if you will go for clean MS ISO image then at lest download and install Dell drivers (touchpad, camera, etc).

Don’t waste your time trying to sell a barebones laptop, you’ll either have people worried that there’s something more wrong with it than you’re telling or people trying to low-ball because “it’s not a complete/functioning computer”.

The activation should be written to the laptop’s UEFI from the original install of Windows. So it should take care of activation by itself when you go to install Windows.

As for the RAM, if you’re posting it on something like Craigslist or here on the forum: Offer it with the 8GB, and put a note at the bottom for of the post for the upgrade and how much more for it.

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Thanks for the RAM suggestion, will do!

-Install Windows
-Market it as a gaming laptop (obviously)
-Point out the “beautiful” display, “incredibly fast” SSD, Nvidia dedicated “gaming” graphics, and “quad core i5”
-List the ad at 16GB, but offer an option to save some money by reducing the RAM down to 8GB

My rule is 15% markup of what I originally spent IF its not ancient. Ancient in this case would be 6 months or more, though I don’t think it’ll apply as well. But you could definitely ask for quite a bit just saying “Well I did upgrades to it so yeah I’m asking for the original price”. Wear and tear is also a factor with laptops. Are the keys and such shiny and whatever.

Personally I’d be the asshole to leave the drive in and have Xubuntu or something like that installed with a fresh account, no password, steam, firefox, libreoffice all on the desktop. “Yup selling as is, did mods and shit, 450” or whatever and they get the laptop, some kid, turns it on, wait thats not windows, but hey thats steam and firefox I guess I’ll install counter strike and play with my friends… And thats how you goat rope them into it. Pretty fast and easy.

But thats just me.