Selling a replaced gaming PC, as it or in parts?

Alright :vulcan_salute:

I want to sell my PC, descended from my first 386 by upgrades, replaced with a laptop :upside_down_face:
Unsure if I should sell it whole or part by part? Will be on eBay. No idea how you even post a full tower desktop PC, and eBay AM3+ stuff ls swamped.
Whats everyone else do with their old, tired, used gaming PCs?
Thanks bro

Case: NZXT Switch 810 Ultra
PSU: OCZ ZX 850w.
Mobo: ASUS X Formula Z
CPU: FX8350 # Battered and bruised; Delidded, liquid metal(ed) die, 1 pin missing (causing my RAM to halve usable capacity on any OS), many punishing overclocks. So many memories.
RAM: 16GB DDR3 #Whatevers in the bits box.

CPU Block: Aquacomputer cuplex kryos HF copper
Rads: Hardware Labs GTS 420 XFlow
Res: Aquacomputer Aquabox
Fan Ctrl: Aquacomputer Aquaero5 Pro - PowerAdjust 3
Pump: Laing 18w - Bitspower Premium AcrylicTop
Fans: Lots, NZXT cute at back, Arctic high pressure on rads, everywhere else silent at low rpm.

you want the WTS/WTB section of the forum.


Thank you. I’ve only just joined the forum so cannot post there until I’m a basic user. Is there anywhere else, general discussion? Not being lazy, just unfamiliar.

part it out. especially considering broken CPU and missing GPU.


How did you delid a soldered chip?

Stanley knife around the edge, put it on top of a range cooker. Using i think a tea spoon balanced under the pcb lip, solder melts with the tea spoon lifting the die/pcb from the ihs.

Pointless but fun, learned a little too.