Selling a Battlefield 4 code ($20)

I have a Battlefield 4 code that I got with a R9 270X from XFX. I already have the game, so I am looking to sell it. 


Add me on steam "TheDoubleYGamer"

And we can talk from there ;)

I am asking for a steam game that is $20 and in return, you get BF4 :)

Photos of all of the items being offered, with physical evidence of your Tek Syndicate username, are required for all sales.

Try to post the picture of the voucher (if it's that) with the key blocked and what the rules said.

If you can provide a picture with proof, I may be interested.

Should this concern anyone, I've traded with TheDoubleYGamer before, and he is honest & legitimate.

I understand, but we have rules in place for a reason. I won't be able to make any trades for another 2 weeks anyways, so that should give him enough time to provide pics.

@OP If you're not able to take pics of your product, I'd be willing to provide proof on my end (once the 17th gets here). We could trade then granted no one else shows interest before I get paid on the 17th.

I'm also interested. I added you on Steam :)