Selling a 500 Watt 80plus Certified PSU for around $30-$40

I am selling a 500 Watt Antec Basiq Power supply for about around $30-40. Haven't decided what exact price yet but I assure you it works and it is a great start if you are building for the first time and at a very cheap price. I made a video showing the power supply on Youtube. Go check it out my channel is MrXavierarod, here is the link:

Have any questions contact me on Youtube or send me an Email at:

[email protected]

If for some weird reason the power supply does not work, I will refund your money.

Is anything wrong with it?

Watch the video I explain the Power supply 

Thanks the movie did not show up the first time wenn i spotted the topic and moved it to this section. Probably my internet is laggy today ☺

it works now for me.

Ok thank you for moving it I didn't know there was a buy, dell and trade section on The Tek Syndicate website.


about how long have you used it for?

for about 4 months

Hmm. Im not interested in it personally but if i were i wouldn't see much benefit buying this from you as there are quite a few new 500w 80+ PSU's for that exact price point

I was thinking the same thing.


Maybe $20 would be more appropriate