Selling 3D printed jewelry

Still working on a skull ring but here's a deer skull necklace for now.

Matte black steel is the best bang for your buck.

Solid Platinum hand-polished to a beautiful smooth sheen €21,864.54

So cheap , much envy :p

I like the design 

LOL I put it there just in case someone wanted to help pay my way through college. The site has a lot to do with the pricing as they are doing all the grunt work with printing and supplying all the materials. Yeah I put platinum there more as a joke ...but if someone did buy that would have to find out where they lived and buy a plane ticket and blow them. Blow them so good me love them long time suckie good..suckie...suckie

mmm $22k for platinum. Ya totally I will go for one of those why not, nothing says class like a $22k skull?

no offense of course I am just kidding, they look cool though! GLWS

thanks glad you like it, I mean matte black steel is only $80 which is pretty awesome. Sad part about the platinum is i would only get 6k if someone bought that the rest goes to them.....but you know if you buy that comes with a free all night love BJ....just saying.....all night long (all night)

I wouldn't call that jewelry more like roadkill, ornaments or home decor.