Sell my Gtx1080 founders for 2x 480 / 490 [ Advice please ] [ Solved ]

so i own a gtx1080 gigabyte founders im looking at some options.

  1. upgrade to custom water loop
  2. use a nzxt kraken setup to water cool.
  3. attach a Arctic accerlo extreme IV air cooler
  4. Sell card and buy 2x 480 XFX non reference
    2.Sell card buy AMD FURY X
    3.SELL CARD buy 2x asus Fury Strix

i primary play in 4k, ive owned a philips 4k display since october. i was looking at 2x 390x at the time of purchasing my gaming system but was advised the 1080 instead. Having said that i took a word for it, i prefer AMD due to the price to dollar performance and the fact they are not replaced within months to 1 year like the 1080 was with the new titan.

Some advice please people.

Let me get this straight...
You have the GTX 1080, the second most powerful gaming graphics card in the world, and you want to sell it away to get mid range graphics card, because yours is not the best anymore?
Just keep your 1080 and if you really have overheating issues with it, then think about replacing the stock cooler.


um... as much as i would love to support AMD I'd have to advise against it in this case. The 1080 is too powerful (in time crossfire 480 may catch it but you also have to deal with the issues that crossfire brings).

Options 1 and 2 would be your best bet imo. 1 would be more expensive, require more maintenance and effort to build, but would give you the best control and possibly thermals. 2 is a much simpler solution, but it won't give you the control and customizability that a custom loop will.

i was looking at a production value not just gaming. im aware the 1080 is the seccond best in the world for gaming.

ok thanks for the reply i might just go with option 2.

You do realize, that any AMD card you buy in the next couple months, will be superseded by AMD Vega in like, no time, right?

Your best option is to watercool or install a kraken g10. There is no use in selling a graphics card of the 1080's caliber on the grounds that something else is faster than it now. Especially when your downgrading to crossfire problems, multi-gpu is still screwy in a lot of titles.


If you already have a card as beastly as the 1080, I don't see why not keep it, I am still keeping my R9 390 and that card runs hot too, and it's only half as powerful (or a bit less than half) in performance for a few years hopefully. I would probably replace the stock coolers if possible.

They are bringing back the ATi RAGE !!!

Keep it for the PhysX OP!

Well, selling or buying any new card is just going to burn a hole in your pocket and make you feel buyer's remorse. Or rather, more of it.

Custom water cooling would be a neat project, but it will take a lot of time and money. Going with either a AiO water cooling loop (whether NZXT Kracken or Arctic Cooling) would be a much cheaper way to go, if you wanted to keep things as cool as possible, but otherwise the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV would probably be the least expensive and least hassling route.

i still recommend waiting a little bit for Vega or 490 (which should be released in coming weeks)
what exactly are you going to play or do with it?

I understand reference cooling is garbage whatever it is. I would try to dissuade you from mounting custom loop or aio as you'll loose warranty, its still quite new card. I'd try to sell it on ebay for $600-700 and then either wait for something good like 490 or get 2x480's devil cards.

I would like to dissuade you from buying fury chips, as they only have 4GB buffer which is not always ideal for 4k with a lot of filters.

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2xRX480 will be decreased performance.
The 490? we dont know a single thing about it.

Probably a dual 480 card.

But yeah I'm with everyone else here. Just keep your 1080. Adjust your fan profiles or get better case ventelation if it is overheating. Worse comes to worse put a different cooler on it.

I personaly doubt that AMD will bring a 490 based on dual polaris10.
But i think that hey have had it leaked on their site a while ago, and removed it pretty quickly.
I personaly dont see any point for those dual gpu´s on one pcb thing.
What AMD should do, is just either release VEGA, or bring out a 8GB overclocked version of a FuryX.

I would water cool the 1080.

I have 2x390Xs and I play at 4k, they would be slightly faster than the 480 by a hair.

its not worth it. Crossfire is buggy at best, and in games that don't support it you want a faster single GPU.

my word to you is keep the 1080. Get a second 1080 or sell it and get the titan/1080ti


Nail on the head there.

The gaming industry isn't really ready for dualGPU action until DX12 and Vulkan are completely mainstream. SLI/Crossfire are flawed and will not work in all cases, plus frame syncing issues can cause rendering problems.

If AMD/Nvidia put more focus on making those techs develop then it be great, but ultimately no one has touched a single bit of code surrounding how they work since, ever, so they are just not very fun for developers to support as they have many issues that cause rampant headaches!

yea, good side crossfire works better than SLI ( used to have 970s SLI)

bad side, games tend to have flickering or micro stutters

Sadly there is no AMD option here, for now...

I can offer another option, you could sell the fucktard edition card and pick up AIB 1080, which will run a fair bit cooler.

Change the cooler on it or sell it and get a custom cooler one imo.

Games that support multi-gpu are fewer than games that don't. If you really want to do it save money and get another 1080.

As someone who personally just ordered 2 RX 480s for crossfire....


Keep the 1080. Aftermarket cooling will help with acoustics but don't expect much of a boon in overclocking. Would recommend the nzxt bracket paired with a 120mm aio