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Self-hosted Ticketing System



I’m looking for an open-source self-hosted ticketing system. Doesn’t need to be 100% free, but not thousands of dollars.

What do people use, like, dislike, etc…

Faveo looks nice…


Don’t know if any of the solutions listed under “Ticketing” in that Gitball will help. We user ConnectWise at my workplace, i have no idea of the pricing but it’s pretty powerful stuff especially when integrated with LabTech (Now ConnectWise Manage).



Can you run it on Linux? When I looked at it, it appeared to be Windows-only.


Looks like it just needs to run on a web server, so just build out LAMP and you’re good.


Oh yeah, you’re right.

This threw me off on their wiki. I glanced at it and thought it was the system requirements.

PHP 5.3 for Windows Server via WPM
MariaDB 5.5 for Windows Server 64-bit | 32-bit
PHP Manager for IIS (makes managing PHP on IIS much easier) here


No worries.

PHP is a bit of a pain in the ass to get working on IIS. :confused:


Thanks for that list.

On first impressions, I’m leaning towards Zammad.


Fixed that for ya. :wink:


Thanks, I don’t know what came over me. There may be some Microsoft left in my EFI partition.


Yeah we’re required to run IIS at work because studpid reasons go here. WE use OS ticket, works great.


Friends don’t let friends run IIS. (or Microsoft servers, for that matter)


Not my call. But thanks friend :smiley:


I think spiceworks help desk is open source. Might want to check that.

@sgtawesomesauce Windows server is fine.


Don’t worry, I know it’s fine. I just don’t like it and thought it’d get a good reaction from the windows folk.


We can all agree that macOS Server is the worst server.





I almost forgot that was a thing.