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Self-hosted Project Management Software?

Lately I’ve been trying to get a little more serious about organizing my personal projects. I think some form of project management software might be good because occasionally I have a friend or two who wants to help out, and having something to point them to would be nice. I’ve been messing around with Basecamp for the last week or so, and so far I’m not very happy with it.

I’d really like to have dependent events where the due date for an event gets determined by the completion date of another rather than having to change all the dates if I finish before or after the goal date I originally set.

Other than that I’d like to be able to make notes for different events, and some kind of visualization other than just a to do list would be nice.

I’m hoping someone here might have some recommendations.


Jira is tried and true, but is a pain to set up and manage. It’s also not free, but it’s only $10 and supports up to 10 users for collaboration. Some other alternatives are Kanboard and Wekan, although I haven’t used either of them.

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Taiga was pretty cool, but kind of a pain in the ass to setup and maintain.

If you use their platform it’s 1000x easier. Obviously. But, it doesn’t check your self-hosted box.

Kanboard doesn’t have as many features. YMMV

DokuWiki, while not exactly what you’re looking for, might fit the bill too. It is extensible and has a ton of plugins.

Finding good project management tools is tough. Finding tools you can self host is high and neigh impossible.

Good luck. Hopefully one of those gets you going.

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