Self-hosted music streaming

So I'm upgrading my personal cloud from a 3GB Linode to a slightly more expensive 32GB dedicated server. This thing has 4TB of storage space and I need to use it for something. Storing my media / music there seems like a good plan.

I'm looking for a music streaming thing for Linux that'll essentially let me access my music like Spotify, with just a single desktop-based client, perhaps access from mobile (Android) and I suppose a web client would be a nice bonus.

MPD is awesome and I run that locally, but in my experience running an MPD server is a bit of a pain. I've only ever figured out how to stream over HTTP and that means running one client to listen to the stream and another to control playback. It works but it's not ideal, and there's usually a lag on seeking/skipping/pausing.

If I can get MPD working a bit more like it does locally - ie one client - that'd be perfect, probably. If not, what other good options are there?

I've seen things like Sonerezh, but I'm not big on running the whole thing in a web browser. I'd like to have a desktop client, ideally.

What do you mean by this? Most clients do stream and control. what client are you using?

Locally I just use Sonata, but that's fine because MPD is using the local Pulse output. Where before I've piped it to HTTP, I've run VLC to listen to the HTTP stream and Sonata to control it.

I've never figured out how to get MPD playing to remote audio output directly.

Had a look at Ampache and it seems to pretty much fit the bill, but...

Consistently, across reinstalls, I can only load the web player once. When a track ends the player never shows up again. Either I'm doing something wrong or it's buggy as hell. Aside from that, because of the fairly terrible documentation I couldn't get transcoding working properly either - unless that was related to the disappearing web player...

So still on the lookout for something.

I had no problem using ampache. Really like it.
Barely puts any load on my virtual machine.
Running it from my low power proxmox server.

Plex would work as well, it can stream to it's client or you can use the web interface.

I recently came across this: - death to mainstream streaming (it is as metal as it sounds)

Haven't gotten around to testing it yet, though.

Yeah I'm running Proxmox too was trying to get it going in an Arch VM. As far as I can tell I have all the dependencies installed and ffmpeg was configured right, it's just that the player would only appear once and that was it.

Will mess around with it some more tonight I think.

I went with CentOS 7.
Didnt take long (maybe 20-30 min) to get it going.