Selecting Media Server OS

Hmmm. I have the same card. I'll mirror your setup tonight and see if I can reproduce.

Are you using an intermediate STB?

No. The provider says it is ClearQAM. So I go straight from the wall. They did say it had to be clearQAM and not Atsc.

Okay. Hmm, you should be good then, unless they're encrypting the channels.

they arent. my roommates hook their TV up straight to the wall.

Interesting. I'll have to look into it a bit tonight.

the server is running Fedora 25 XFCE. I am using SELinux enabled. I had to make some changes to emby to get it to launch without being stopped by SELinux.

You should be able to make the changes to SELinux config rather than emby...

Emby was launching with an old init. I just edited the launch script to use the updated init.


This was the state of the startup script (called via systemd unit file):
ls -lZ /usr/lib/emby-server/ 1 root root system_u:object_r:lib_t:s0 3516 Sep 10 2016 /usr/lib/emby-server/
After changing the context with: sudo chcon -t initrc_exec_t /usr/lib/emby-server/

the service could start again. No need to create a new policy. I will need to make this permanent with with semanage context somehow.

Opensuse anyone?


Love it! I'm about to use it to deploy a terminal server setup.

for a media server? How does this help?

All the benefits of fedora plus the couple extra programs you need.

You also get yast which can make things a lot easier.

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That - and zypper - which is arguably better than dnf

Also IMHO no other distro has the same level of hardware support as 'suse - I'm using Leap 42.2 and I have had zero issues with it.

True, but package managers don't make a big difference on servers. Once you install the programs you want and you have everything working, you really shouldn't be messing with it too much.

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Okay, how bout hot-patching?

programs I need such as?
If Suse has them, then I can install them on Fedora since they are able to be built for fedora with Suse Studio.

Drivers for slightly older AMD graphics cards are driving me up the wall on Ubuntu 16.04 (with Plex... and Steam...)... I have an HD5750 in my "media" machine and since upgrading (I should have done more research first) I have a lot of trouble with video playback (and particularly transcoding; and I have mostly h.264 MKV's...). So, y'know, you said your hardware's ageing, so if it's ageing AMD graphics you may want to keep that in mind...

Thanks for the mention of Emby - I didn't know of it. I'm looking to rebuild my system soon and Emby looks like it might be a nice try.

Last time I messed with MythBuntu I believe this was happening to me as well, I stopped messing with it and the project went cold.

The ones you mentioned such as emby. You can download them with 3rd party repos.

And yeah, there are back woods ways of getting opensuse packages on fedora and vice versa, but why?

If everything you want to do can be done with a few clicks on opensuse, why bother with fedora? Seems like more work to me.

I feel like this would make a good video topic, if @wendell had the time to make it.