Selcting the right RAM for my Mobo

Hey guys quick question.


Will this 2x8G's RAM set:

Work with the ASUS Z77 Sabertooth? I have the mobo already and I read the manual and it did nothing but confuse me more....

Or do I need to run a set 4x4Gigs like this one

this will work perfectly for sure you can een use higher clocked ram if you wanted too

It will. However, if you're buying that, you're paying wayy too much than you should.

The links don't work.

Since the sabretooth does not support RAM faster than 1600 mhz, you don't need to buy ram faster than that. instead, look for RAM with a low cas latency. As for the size of your RAm sticks, go with whatever is cheapest, unless you want to buy more RAM in the future, in which case you should buy two sticks.

Links seems to work fine for me.


Deffenatly says it supports up to 1866mhz  in the manual and on the website.



Is there a a advantage of running 4 sticks over 2?

It's using dual channel so 2x4GB will be faster then 1x8GB so whatever you buy either buy 2 sticks or 4 sticks, don't think it makes a difference between using 2 slots and 4 slots as long as you don't use just 1 or 3 slots.

Also I'd go with a 2x8GB it costs about as much as 4x4GB but allows you to add another 2x8GB later should you need to (which will get you 32GB of ram which is the max for the Z77 Sabertooth if I recall correctly.)