Seiki SE42UM 4K 42" $300 too good to be true?


found this on ebay. 4 hdmi, one hdmi 2.0 for 4k @ 60hz. no DP but i think i can manage.. why so cheap? i'm skeptical. is it just a crap panel or are we at the point where they are just coming down in price? appreciate any thoughts, or insight into the actual panel. I'm pulling the trigger if yall say GO. thanks.

well for one it's a tv not a monitor so expect lag. apparently the lag for even tv users is horrible unless you run a firmware upgrade and it seems to have trouble saving your settings after it turns off and due to some power saver shit it cant be left on forever.
and it's a tn panel.

also amazon has a lot of customer service horror stories.

I had the SE42UGT which is this model with the firmware upgrade and added streaming capabilities. The input lag was very tolerable but I was unable to get used to 4:2:2 YMMV.

yep. bout what i thought thanks. le sigh. le pass. le next!

There's a reason they're so cheap, also is this one still limited to 30hz ?

Take a peek at the new Wasabi Mango UHD 400.

4:4:4 color
No ghosting

Seems to use a Samsung PVA panel instead of the Phillips panel everyone else is using.

when buying tv's and monitors stick to the reputable name brands. 4k will be cheaper soon just wait. the next thing will be out soon

haha thats the prob with tech right? just wait, the next big thing is right around the corner! and waiting.... and waiting... i am pulling the trigger on a monitor this week. can't wait any more. and a reputable name brand like wasabi mango? lol. i watch all the vids these guys make and i am 100% sold on getting a no name s. korean model.

yes i was looking at the uhd400 too, just 2x the price of the apparently tn panel. might just go that route anyway. thanks again yallz.