Seidon 120V for hot weather cooling

Room temp is around 100f atm due to it being summer in the dessert. I've maxed out the fans in my case which is a HAF 912, and on my cooler which is a dark knight II. During the day CPU idles at 70ish while web browsing and it hits 90C when doing some work.

So would a budget liquid cooler like the Seidon 120V help me here? I'd imagine it's not going to do much as the entire thing is still going to be fairly hot.


I'm mainly asking as it's low price and has a wheel of saving with a rebate


Or should I invest in a fan controller so I can run the fans at high RPM?


On another side note why don't people test cooling systems in hot environments? most seem to do it at like 70f

sinds it is only a 120mm radiator it will not help much,

with water cooling you need more surface area for significantly reducing your temperatures in hot weather, like a 240 radiator minimum.

I think u better crank up your intake and exhaustfans and cpu fan in bios because 90c is too hot.

What is your cpu model  and motherboard?is the system overclocked?


Judging from these tests:

The 120V will perform about 1-2 degrees better than the dark knight, I leave it up to you to judge if it is significant enough for you.

About the "Hot room" tests. Most hardware sites tells you the ambient temperature when the test was performed. You can calculate the temperature difference between CPU and air, and that difference is gonna be constant regardless of the ambient temperature. So if you wanna know how the cooler will perform at 100 degrees instead of the usual 70(Is that standard? I am not used to Fahrenheit at all). Just add 30 degrees to the test temperature

Idles at 70c... I would be remounting the cpu cooler before anything else, it shouldnt be that high unless you have uber restricted airflow in the case.

btw, what cpu is it? If you have oc'd it perhaps its worth your while scaling it back a touch to drop temps.

what about a tower radiator like this?

Anyone have any thoughts? I've always wondered about them.

I would get something higher end than a Seidon 120V.  It's also a bit noisy(I have it in my rig).

Are u overclocking ?

It's a 5800K with a 7850, so 100W, but I've locked it to about 3ghz max. I'm not sure why its so hot, I'm using MX-4 and I've already reapplied paste/reseated, used the pea drop, it's as tight as can be, But ya, guess I'll stick to sleeping during the day, I figured it wouldn't help too much to switch to a budget water cooler, I might look into fan controllers.

and after looking at controllers I think I've settled on getting high CFM fans for my heatsink.

With watercooling u still can't go below the air that's cooling it so at 80f I idle around 33c. I've had my room around 120f ish usually idle around 50c .. unless you introduce ac or stick your radiator in a bucket of ice there isn't much better you can do. 

Have H100 and a h110..