Sega Dreamcast Emulation

So I have a SEGA Dreamcast and quite the catalog of games for it. I'd love to play some of these on my HTPC I have in my living room with all my other emulators on it.

Now I have downloaded and configured Chankast and configured it to work with an Xbox 360 controller and it seems to be working fine. Will play mounted ROMs and discs.

Here is my issue though. They run way too damn fast. I'm talking around, at least according to the emulator, close to 300FPS. The games are pretty much unplayable as everything moves way too fast. I've tried enabling VSync for the emulator in the nVidia control panel but it doesn't seem to be working.

Any ideas?


there should be some video settings that will disable frame skipping

Pick up nulldc, Had problems with chankcast but never had a problem with nulldc.

Thanks this does seem to be a better emulator however I can't seem to get it to run any games.

Can this only run .gdi files? Not mounted .iso? or an actual Dreamcast disc?

I havnt used it in a few years so cant quite remember. Im sure the answers to you questions are on Google.