Seems like MS is removing the opt-out option to windows 7/8/8.1 users

So this is happening now, guess it was to be expected after the forced telemetry and forced download
what do you think? Is it okay for MS to do so or does ToS users agreed to when they picked up 7/8/8.1 makes it legit for MS to do so? Or is this another overblown piece of news for the windows 10 hate bandwagon?

This is why I'm glad I have dual boot set up. Here very shortly (if MS goes as far with this as they seem to be suggesting) I will have a Linux install only with Windows 7 in a virtual machine that I continually reset to stock settings so they know nothing about me. This is garbage and I want control of my PC's operating system, dangit


Made me log in for this. I really hope they do not force it on me, I don't have the time to set up a dual boot with linux right now. This preloading thing seems to be what has caused my internet connection to be non-functioning for the first minute of start up. Recently I have not been getting any spam for windows 10 besides the icon in the corner.

I was about to build a gaming rig plan to put win8 on it for, well gaming, but after reading this article earlier, i'm really considering going with linux even there, what i'm not sure is the driver support for AMD cards linux, so far i know Nvidia cards work well in linux, but i was planning on putting a 280 or 290 in it cause they seemed a better bang for the dollar compared to the 960 or 970. Should i reconsider my hardware choice or amd drivers on linux just as good?

There seems to be a driver for AMD linux so it should work. I don't know how well it will work

It's actually the opposite. AMD cards perform better unless you're willing to use the painful proprietary driver.

The update is still in optional section, but it got enabled to install by accident according to Microsoft

So...just it's not "forced" if you can opt-out. If you don't want automatic updates or the win10 update nag, then turn them off and check for updates manually. The windows 10 nag is kb3035583 so uninstall it and don't re-install it. You may not like the way the opt-out mechanism is implemented or don't want to opt-out for reason X but it's still there.

If you're going to agree to automatically run arbitrary code from an untrusted party, then you don't get to have any wiggle room when that system starts doing stuff that you don't agree with, like nagging you to upgrade to 10. Don't like it? Opt out or better yet don't opt-in in the first place.

I don't want to get flamed here, but why is it people have this huge distrust of Windows 10, but they're perfectly fine with 7 and 8.1?

Windows 10 has lots of 'sharing is caring' features, so I disabled them. What magically important super data is flowing out of my system that is going to cause harm to my life / enjoyment, that couldn't potentially happen to a Windows 7 system after an update?

I respect disagreements with licensing, and if there is good reason / concern over particular data etc
But overall I've been running Windows 10 on 5 systems now, the only targeted advertising I see is from Google.

I say make the jump, Windows 10 (before your free upgrade goes) or Linux.

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it is still regardless of any opting out you do sending some info, all the time. Thats why people are not trusting it.

I guess my dad will be screwed over completely as the Win10 upgrade would basically break his laptop because there are now Win10 drivers for its gpu and other people with the same laptop are just getting bluescreens when trying to upgrade

i readed an news article today that MS has stopped forcing people to upgrade.
And in my opinnion, MS should not be allowed to force people to upgrade to anything.
They should also not be allowed to use user systems, diskspace and internet connetions for torrenting their updates.


Also source:

Also @Logan Microsoft claims it was a "oopsie mistake" ... yeah right lol.
Maybe i smell that Microsoft wants to avoid a lawsuit?

Well i think that they have no legal rights to force people to upgrade.
So maybe thats the reason why they bring it as a "mistake".
I have not checked their full EULA but maybe they fear a lawsuite?

I'm on win 7. I went into the update control panel and right clicked on the windows 10 upgrade and clicked hide update. So I hope this helps me for awhile. Its scary to see how easy it is to just click upgrade on it.

Unfortunately they do have the right to force you to upgrade your system, they own it after all you do not, you own a license to use the product they provide to you.

They are like the Borg, you will be assimilated into Win X sooner or later and the carrot to get you to do so is the updates, eventually the only way you will be able to receive updates is to be on Win X, it's why I've been telling people for months to just opt-out of any future updates regardless of which flavor of Windows your running and turn them off completely never accepting another update.

Well thats a bit of the question exaly.
Basicly yes, they are the owners of the software, you are only using their license.
However, the people who boaght a Windows 7 or Windows 8.x license, basicly signed a agreement based on the EULA from those particular Operating systems, at that given time.
They have not signed any agreement on the Windows 10 EULA, so i'm still doubting that they are legaly allowed to do this.
Unless it was allready in their EULA that time.

Haven't read a MS EULA in years but if it states updates, upgrades, patches, and service packs as accepted data that MS can push out to users then that is their rather large doorway to push users in any direction they like, I'm sure they are free to improve their software to add features and improve security, once a OS is at the end of it's usable life like Win 7 is they could argue that for security purposes people need to move to the next supported OS.

Basically they have free reign to do whatever they want....but it is just my opinion.

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Win7 has reached the end of mainstream support on January 13th this year, but extended support is until January 14th 2020. You could make a case there seeing as it's out of mainstream support.
However Win8.1 will be on mainstream support until January 9th 2018, so there's no way they can make a case for that reaching the end of its usable life already.

It's likely all in the EULA though... You know, click to agree that we may sacrifice your first born to the volcano gods etc.