Seeking programming project for high school diploma paper

hey guys

i gotta write a paper for my high school diploma. i would really love to write a small open source program. i have some experience in python, but i could also learn something new. it really doesn't matter what it is about, as long as it is somewhat useful to someone.

so if you have an idea what i could do or just a direction i would really appreciate it. thanks.

to search what, your parameters are to broad

edit: What do you want to search, just something to search up plaintext files, or do you want to make a bot to search websites up, how big do you want to go man?

I'll just give you a short list of what I've seen people do, since you probably can't make up your mind.
CMS in PHP, a smart environmental sensor using raspberry pi, a steganography utility, some mathematical algorithms, Conway's game of life, various things like that.

sorry for the misleading title. it's not about a program that searches something, but about a program in general. as i said i have some experience but really not a lot, but i could invest quite a lot of time (i have about 8 months time from now) in it. i'm sorry i can't give you any more specifics about the dimensions but i don't have enough experience to specify how much i could do.

thanks for your answer though

What is your scope of interests? I mean what do you like to program or what field interests you?
Plus we don't really know your programming knowledge. I'd personally assign you to develop an algorithm that solve a particular mathematical problem. Or I could give you something to write for an arduino board. But it could be too easy or too difficult.

thanks for your reply
solving a mathematical problem was one of my first thoughts. just didn't know what problem. as i said i can't really evaluate how difficult of a problem i can take on. do you know any specific mathematical problems?

There are a bunch actually, depends on how difficult you want it to be and depends on your mathemical background.
Like problems around graph theory.

my mathematical background is basically 11 years of school. graph theory looks really interesting.

I can come up with something if you want, but you'd have to study graph theory and fill the other gaps on your own. Of course I can provide some material to start with.

i'd be willing to study some stuff on my own if i have to. it would be awesome if you could provide some material. thanks a lot for your efforts.

set up a cool automation program that can watch websites and pull data to automate stuff, I'm assuming that in 8 months you can make some badass automation, and once you have it complete, show it off

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that sounds pretty cool too. thank you, i will definitely consider that.