Seeking help with building a computer

Hey guys! A friend of mines needs help building a computer, what are your recommendations for a PC that costs 500-600$ (No Harddrive /windows needed)

Ive seen some deals online I'm sure buying parts and assembling one yourself is much cheaper/price effective.


Thanks for the all the help I can get :)

What is this computer going to be used for braoh

Going to game with it :P ofc! What else? xD Budget PC! 

Did everyone already go to sleep? :(

MSI 97a-g46 motherboard

AMD phenom 2 x4 965 cpu

caviar blue hdd 500 gb

kingston hyperx 3k ssd

gigabyte gtx 650 GPU

coolermaster hyper 212+ cpu cooler

NZXT source 210 case

cooler master GX 480 watt 80+ bronze power supply maybe?

That looks really good! I though the Phenom 4X bottlenecks the 7870 though..

I don't think so, it'll be fine i'm sure

Hmm would love if someone else proved a Phenom II X4 dosnt bottle neck a AMD 7870

a lil google magic

there are a lot of people asking that question, so go look at other forums such as this one

This is what I would do. FX-6300 and 7870 GHz should go very well together, But the old 965 is a good pick too

Gusy wouldI need thermal paste with that last build? It looks awesome :D

no you get it with the 212 evo.

Try that,the GPU is nearly on par with a 7950.