Seeking Guidance on CentOS Install (Replacing an Ubuntu partition)

Hello my fellow Linux people,

I am installing CentOS to a Laptop. My goal is to have an operating system which is stable and rarely changed. On this CentOS install I am going to run VMs ie a VM for development, and another for class, etc.

Quick specs on the current machine:

  • Dual boot Ubuntu/Windows 10
  • 1 tb HDD
  • 600 gb to Ubuntu, 400 gb to Windows

Okay, I would like to keep the Windows 10 partition, but remove the Ubuntu partition and replace it with CentOS.

Right now, here are the current listed partitions:

  • /boot/efi(Ubuntu Linux 14.04 for x86_64) sda1 efi
  • Unknown sda2 16 MiB of 16 Mib
  • Windows sda3 ntfs
  • LENOVO sda4 ntfs
  • WINRE_DRV sda5 ntfs
  • LENOVO_PART sda6 ntfs
  • LRS_ESP sda7 vfat
  • / (Ubuntu Linux 14.04 for x86_64) sda ext 4
  • swap sda9 swap
  • Free Space

Okay, so here is my confusion. I want to delete the / (Ubuntu 14.04 for x86_64) that will reclaim the 600 gb of space that I need. Do I also need to remove the /boot/efi (Ubuntu 14.04 for x86_64) sd1 efi? Should I just leave and it'll recognize CentOS? I'm afraid if I delete it I might not be able to boot into anything anymore.

/boot/efi(Ubuntu Linux 14.04 for x86_64) sda1 efi  | delete
Unknown sda2 16 MiB of 16 Mib                      | ? keep
Windows sda3 ntfs                                  | keep
LENOVO sda4 ntfs                                   | keep
WINRE_DRV sda5 ntfs                                | keep
LENOVO_PART sda6 ntfs                              | keep
LRS_ESP sda7 vfat                                  | keep
/ (Ubuntu Linux 14.04 for x86_64) sda ext 4        | delete
swap sda9 swap                                     | delete
Free Space                                         | obviously evil

Make sure it reuses the ESP partition, you could delete it but might be easier to keep it.
You could keep the /boot/efi but you dont need to it just has ubuntu efi stuff
Ultimately it shouldn't be hard to get back into your windows system if you delete everything else, theres recovery partitions there (hate them)

I always get rid of windows or have it on a separate disk, but that just me. Less hassle :p

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Thanks @Eden! I'm going to install this thing now!

Totally agreed

It'd be nice to have a fresh HDD in it, but it's a laptop and I don't really feel like gutting this machine again and replacing the HDD. Also, since it's 1tb dd'ing it to another HDD would take a while.