Seeking advice on a Threadripper & GPU combination for Blender (£5-6k)

My first post here.

I’m looking for advice on a new build Threadripper and how to pair it with GPU(s) to get the most out of Blender for a budget of £5,000-£6,000 for case, mobo, CPU, GPU. I don’t need any RGB.

To run Win10 pro but little to no gaming.

Where will I get the most bang for my money?

I’ve tried to wrap my head around the whole CPU vs GPU rendering in Blender but I kinda got lost and confused (if anyone could point me to a good article I’d apprecite it). I’d be happy to consider going to a Ryzen CPU if I’d be better focusing spend on GPU.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!

Generally think it would be best to invest in a very powerful gpu of “green flavor”.

Now if you work with big models, cad data etc, or you produce monstrous painter files that you need to export back in photoshop, then I can see the need to have a proper workstation. You will have plenty of ram to work with.

If you don’t need the ram capacity the platform offers, or multiple pcie cards, please note that the 7950x should be roughly in the same territory as 5965wx.