Seeking a password management solution

I have an ever expanding list of passwords that is growing by the month.

At one time I used to enjoy making a game out of it by trying to see how many difficult, case sensitive passwords I could remember without writing them down, but it's become onerous.

Since there are too many for me to remember anymore, I rely on muscle memory just by typing them until I eventually memorize the sequence of keystrokes rather than the actual passwords.

I'm about to change all of my passwords, as I typically do every several months, and have decided to stop the madness and get a good password manager.

So, my question to the venerable Tek Syndicate team: how do you manage your passwords, which ones have you used in the past and are there any that you would recommend?

Also, Blood-was-the-best-game-on-the-build-engine-and-was-more-deserving-of-a-re-make-than-Shadow-Warrior-bye.


Wouldn't leave home without it.

Pen and paper.

I need to get myself a yellow note pad to use. I'm not saying what I'm using now.

But this is the best means. If it is digital it has the possibility of getting stolen/corrupt. If it's on paper some has to come into your house to steal it. Much safer if you can defend that.

Going back to lavabit,...

This is based in germany right?


I use Lastpass for all unimportant passwords (facebook, tons of forum accounts, torrent trackers etc.).

I keep all important passwords (those that give access to my money or any e-mail accounts tied to those accounts) in my head only.