Securom Abomination! (Bioshock)

So after playing and not completing Bioshock on the 360 when it was first released I figured I would pick it up cheap for PC and give it a run were a fps should be played.

Long story short steam wanting $30 is too much and I managed to pick up a physical copy with Borderlands for $20

Go home start the install and then this motherfucking securom bullshit about the wrong disc has been detected pops up!?

So after some WTFing and searching I found out this is a major issue most likely not helped by my 8.1 OS of choice either. I have even tried a different rom to see if its a model issue. No such luck.

This securom issue is so bad that 2K games removed the activation completetly after some time and the steam version is Securom free.

In a last ditch effort I am currently trying to circumvent this pain in the ass bullshit. If not the game is being returned tomorrow.


This post is in part me venting/ranting and wanting to see if anyone else has had to deal with this shitty companies shitty software? I mean check out the outdated pos website they have... Unbelievable. 

Shit like this makes me just want to pirate the fucker and be done with it. Its a fucking joke.