Security wise, we're fuc*ed

Hey guys, time to put on those tin foil hats and to make one for you PC cause now they can listen to what your pc is doing.,news-18011.html

so i thinking you can either acoustically shield your pc (externally liquid cooled, incased in concrete) or add so many fans it drowns out those revealing sounds lol. (quad R9 290x crossfire anyone?)

not to mentioned this happened awhile ago too.,news-17806.html,news-18020.html

do not trust the NSA, or the RSA. those little key dongles are worthless!


and if you used your credit/debit card at target recently you should order new cards or keep a watchful eye on your account,news-18003.html


stay frosty.



Soooo High frequency sound emitter anyone? Try scrambling those sounds and very thankful I do not live in a populated area.

stay frosty.

Glass Reflection? 

I use norton antivirus im safe.

Heh, you're funny.

So how exactly would the NSA get a microphone next to my computer without me knowing it?

Cell Phone? Or one you may already have plugged in? Oooo The Mystery!

Oh wow. Major derp on my part. I forgot they basically have access to all of my shit already anyway.

I love linking this

Nice het, would you like a Ghastly Gibus on top of it?