Security Risk for Deepin / WPS Office?

I use WPS Office over Libre Office and am looking to use Deepin over Kubuntu. Both of these are Chinese, which doesn't bother me but I wanted to stop for a second and make sure I'm not being naive. China is known for their surveillance and Logan even covered it. What's to stop Deepin, or any other Linux OS for that matter, from disregarding my privacy/using spyware? Is it being open source enough to rely on its ethical standing 100%?

No idea about WPS Office but Deepin is just an Ubuntu variant and the DE can be installed onto Ubuntu or just about any other distro you want with a little work if you want the look and feel of it without installing direct from China software.

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Deepin DE is designed to work with Deepin OS, like how Kubuntu is with KDE. It seems.

If you want to use deepin use a rolling release distro like Netrunner Rolling and install Deepin. It has constant updates and while I like it its just not worth its weight in gold for me. Last time I used it there was like 4 updates in a day.

I'll back netrunner btw. Best use of KDE ever imo and a swift system all in all. Comes with a lot of stuff packed in that you would normally want to retrieve and spend an hour doing so.

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